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Golden Retrievor Puppy

Our goal is every Veteran, First Responder, and Child with different abilities can live pawsitive lives with the help of a specialized service dog. We believe that quality service dogs, and highly trained recipients create a lifetime bond between person and service dog. We strive to build a community that helps meet the needs of people through ongoing support to enhance their lives. All Veteran and First Responder service dogs are sponsored for the lifetime of the dog to ensure no matter the circumstances our Veterans and First Responders are faced with their service dog will always receive optimal care. Pawsitive Action Foundation is committed to connecting people not only to a specialized service dog, but to vital resources that enhance their quality of life — physically, emotionally, and socially.

We provide lifetime support for our animals.

Pawsitive Action provides after-placement care and training for service animals throughout their lifetime. We retain partial ownership of our dogs, which allows us to provide continued support for major medical expenses. If a client faces financial constraint, PAF will often help raise funds to cover the cost of food and ongoing care, allowing our clients to retain the service animals they need to support their everyday lives. 

We foster unique involvement with our clients.


At PAF, we don’t just train service animals; we pay special attention to the needs of our clients and engage them in the training process. While awaiting assignment of their assistance dog, our clients participate in training classes, providing them the opportunity to interact with a supportive community while gaining valuable skills to ensure a successful on-going relationship with their dog. This unique approach to training allows us to assess our clients’ needs, personalities and abilities so that we can place them with the ideal companion.


"I am a veteran that has been volunteering with PAF for a few months. Their staff is very passionate about what they do for Veterans and others in our community with disabilities."

"We are so fortunate to have found this organization to assist us with training our baby labradoodle to be a service dog for my 8 year-old brain cancer survivor son! Norma and her team are awesome!"

Shorter wait times for service animals.

The waiting period for most assistance animal organizations is between three and five years, but PAF is able to supply our clients with the assistance dogs they need within a two to three year waiting period. 

We foster unique involvement with our clients.


Since 2008, PAF has successfully placed 80% of the dogs from our training programs with clients in need. The remaining 20% who are not placed as fully certified assistance dogs go on to serve as therapy dogs or companion animals.


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It costs $20,000 dollars to raise and train one of our service animals.


More than 75% of our program costs go directly toward the care and training of our service animals.

  • Training: 35%

  • Boarding: 20%

  • Food/Medical: 15%

  • Year 1 Necessities: 5%

The remaining 25% covers administrative and other costs.

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