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Steps in Applying for Service Dog

  1. Complete and submit an application in person or online at

  2. Submit a DD214 by email to

    • NOTE: ​For your security, please cross out the first five digits of your social security number prior to sending document.

  3. Submit letter from a health care provider or social worker stating that you would benefit from the aid of a service dog.  Email to

  4. Information submitted is sent to additional staff for review. 

    • Veteran may be contacted by phone for additional information.

  5. Meet with a PASD representative to introduce yourself and others who will be interacting with service dog on a daily/weekly basis (family, caregivers, personal pets, etc.). 

  6. PASD staff or advanced level volunteers may conduct a casual home visit to look for a safe living environment.

  7. After review, veteran will be accepted or declined as a client.

  8. Veteran visits training classes for observation, to meet PASD trainers and staff, see the facility, and meet a few dogs. 

    • Observation of several classes is recommended.

  9. Veteran is scheduled to begin beginner basic classes at the PASD training center or with an approved trainer.

  10. Veteran will interact and work with as many different dogs as possible to help determine the perfect companion.

  11. Pairing process begins as veteran starts weekly basic training classes.  

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