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Legion Collegiate Academy & Pawsitive Action
are Community Partners, prepping dogs to become service dogs for veterans

Legion Collegiate Academy students meet after school every Thursday. They are learning how to handle, train, groom and socialize new pups and young adults. Forming this partnership allows PASD to raise and place more trained dogs with local, qualified veterans. Our waiting list is long and we are all striving to help as many veterans as possible. Most of us are aware of the documented 22 veteran suicides a day. Organizations like Pawsitive Action and LCA, are striving to actively reduce that daily number by providing veterans with unconditional love, companionship and veteran community activities.

Your gift of $22.00 a month will help us say, "THANK YOU for Your Service," to our veteran recipients. All our services are given 100% at no cost to the veteran.

It definitely takes a village to raise, train, gift and support a highly trained service dog. Pawsitive Action has an exclusive breeding program, offering quality health tested Goldens, Labradors and Goldadors. Service dogs must have solid personalities able to assist a veteran in the most difficult social situations. They must be easily trained, kind, empathetic and willing to do their job when asked.

All of our breeding stock is OFA certified for good Hips, Elbows, Eyes and Hearts. They are tested for Excellence in Temperament and possess a minimum certification level of American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen/Advanced & Urban titles. Our dogs have a strong lineage to European bloodlines, most being imported, providing gentetic diversity and health.

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