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Meet our Sponsors

Vets Helping Heroes

A Word From Our Pawsitive Action Founder:
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I had the honor of meeting Irwin Stovroff, the Founder of Vets Helping Heroes, in 2010. I had trained a lovely Golden Retriever to be a constant companion and service dog for my friend, Janice. Janice told me about her father's friend who was the founder of an organization that supported service dog trainers such as myself. She arranged for me to meet with a few of the organization’s members.  It was at that time that I first met Irwin Stovroff. He appeared to be a quiet, yet funny, man with a deep passion for his fellow veterans. Irwin told me about his time as a POW during WWII. He told me how he received his own service dog, Cash, and how the dog changed his life. Irwin told me of approximately 60 years of troubled sleep and how Cash helped him relax allowing him to sleep better and for longer periods of time. What I remember the most was Irwin’s deep dedication and compassion for other veterans with different disabilities. He told me his dream was that every veteran who needed a dog would be provided with one at no cost.

We cannot thank Vets Helping Heroes enough for supporting Pawsitive Action's efforts. Because of their dedication and generosity, we have been able to raise, train, and pair highly trained service dog with over 250 veterans as of January 2020.

Thank you to our gracious sponsor, Vets Helping Heroes.

PAF Founder & Training Director, Norma Ross


Carolina Sentinels Fellowship Group 
Calvary Baptist Church
830 N. Jones Ave.
Rock Hill, SC 29745

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