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Enter to Win a beautiful, healthy PAF service dog

The average waiting period is 3 to 6 years to receive a trained service dog. The average cost to purchase a dog is 7,000 to 30,000 dollars. These numbers are crushing when time and funding are short. PAF has created an opportunity for you to "WIN" an assistance dog. Our dogs cost 7,500 from birth to finished certified service dog.

How can we offer this

birth to 7 months - Basic Access and CGC

7 months to 2 years - PAF supports our veterans - teaching how to finish certifications.

2 years and maintain yearly

Why - when you purchase a ticket, PAF receives enough donations to produce another wonderful dog, giving a veteran an opportunity to receive a dog. Even if you don't win, a veteran will.

Sponsor a veteran to win a ticket

We can produce more dogs, providing more veterans the opportunity to receive a dog. because of this program. 

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