We selectively breed & rescue to provide


to those in need.


Our goal is every Veteran, First Responder, and Child with different abilities can live pawsitive lives with the help of a specialized service dog. We believe that quality service dogs, and highly trained recipients create a lifetime bond between person and service dog. We strive to build a community that helps meet the needs of people through ongoing support to enhance their lives. All Veteran and First Responder service dogs are sponsored for the lifetime of the dog to ensure no matter the circumstances our Veterans and First Responders are faced with their service dog will always receive optimal care. Pawsitive Action Foundation is committed to connecting people not only to a specialized service dog, but to vital resources that enhance their quality of life — physically, emotionally, and socially.


It is people like you, realizing the importance of helping others to regain their independence with the placement of an assistance dog, who are instrumental in our success. Our amazing dogs bring more than unconditional love, they provide emotional and mobility support for our clients.

We thank you for considering one of the following options to support PAF and to help place assistance dogs with those who need them most.

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If you have been looking for the perfect pup to become your future assistance dog, we have a “Golden” opportunity for you. We are currently accepting applications for persons with disabilities to purchase and train their own assistance dogs.

Professional trainers, training classes, and certification programs are available for your consideration. Stop by and visit our dogs and meet our pups. We are Pawsitive you will love them!