We can’t complete our Mission without Volunteers.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, complete this online application in Volgistics, our volunteer management software. We will then process your information.

Once your application is entered and accepted, we will contact you to schedule a volunteer orientation on either a Tuesday or Saturday. Orientation lasts about an hour. We’ll give you a tour of our facilities and an overview of our program.

Feel free to check out our volunteer program for more information.

Types of Volunteers:

Volunteer Handlers

As a volunteer handler, you’ll help:

  • Hug
  • Walk
  • Train
  • Socialize
  • Clean and care for our wonderful pups and young dogs.

Volunteer handlers begin their training by completing our beginner class with one of our PAF dogs on leash. As you progress into volunteer levels 2 and 3, you may apply to take a PAF dog off site for the day, home for the evening, and then volunteer as a puppy raiser – helping us prepare our dogs for placement with a future member.

Minimum age: Students in middle school and high school may volunteer with parental consent and participation, but those under the age of 12 will not be allowed to handle a dog. The child’s parent/guardian would be the handler and the child can practice commands with the dog. Typically, the number of PAF dogs available for each class limits the number of volunteers to only 5-10 individuals.

Puppy Raiser

See our Puppy Raiser tab. Those who have applied to be a puppy raiser and are approved by PAF will have a puppy stay a maximum of two weeks and then rotate between raisers.

Office Volunteers

Office and administrative volunteers can work from home, within the PAF office, or in the field helping coordinate details and documentation for PAF events, classes and business operations.

Tasks may include:

  • Generating and/or editing documents, website articles and forms
  • Making phone calls
  • Photography
  • Graphic design
  • And other secretarial tasks.

Minimum age: 18.

Maintenance Volunteers

The maintenance volunteers help improve and repair the buildings and grounds of PAF. Tasks may include:

  • Mending fences and gates
  • Painting
  • Small construction projects
  • Laundry
  • Small equipment maintenance
  • Pruning
  • Yard work, electrical work, plumbing, etc.

Minimum age: 18.

Friends of Pawsitive Action

This is our group of ambassadors who use their own network and are our community advocates. Tasks may include:

  • Making presentations at service clubs
  • Helping organize community events
  • Leading fundraising events in their community and beyond.