Complete the online application or the printable application to become a puppy raiser.

Volunteers who have attended at least six of our classes may apply to be a puppy raiser. PAF will then review the application and either approve or deny the submission. Those volunteers who are approved by PAF may have a puppy stay a maximum of two weeks and then rotate between raisers. This creates a team environment and prevents the puppy or the families from becoming too attached to a single pup. Pups are at the center in between raisers so professional trainers can evaluate their progress and intervene, if necessary. Raisers will take pups on social outings several times a week and need to attend at least one puppy class a week while raising a pup. This is started at 12 weeks to placement.

PAF advises that volunteer puppy raisers take a different dog every time as this helps the program and dogs progress faster and receive different experiences. PAF wants to avoid any favoritism with dogs, ultimately making it more difficult to switch, and potentially affecting other dogs’ learning.