When you donate, you help offset the cost of dog training for veterans in our programs.

Alternate donation methods:

You may also donate in-person, by mail or Amazon’s terrific ‘Smile’ program:

  • If you shop on Amazon, go to Amazon Smile and choose the Pawsitive Action Foundation as your charity and for every purchase you make, PAF will receive 0.5%.
  • We accept dog food donations as well. The current brand we are using is Kirkland Signature Chicken, Rice & Vegetable for adult dogs. Dog food is something we can always use and can never have too much of, so this is a huge help. If you decide to donate a bag, just bring it by our office at 5701 Leon Tyson Rd, St. Cloud, FL 34771.
  • If you’re interested in donating any other items, check out our Amazon wish list.

Pawsitive Action is able to receive Qualified Charitable Donations (QCD) from IRA/IRA Rollover Accounts.

This is an option for donors over 70.5 years to make a direct Qualified Charitable Donation (QCD) to a 501(c)(3) charity without paying taxes on the distribution.  The limit is $100,000 per year and the amount counts towards the donor’s required minimum distribution (RMD) for the year.  It has become a permanent part of the IRS Tax Code.  Please consult your CPA for details or call our office.

Our brokerage account is set up at SunTrust to accept your gifts of securities.

  • If you intend to electronically transfer your stocks or bonds to Pawsitive Action, please use the following information and instructions:

Please call our office at (407) 917-4729 for our account information.

When you contact your own financial institution where the securities are held, please explain your intent to transfer securities as a donation to Pawsitive Action Foundation. The financial institution will explain any additional requirements they may have (i.e. written authorization, identification of tax lots to be transferred). It should not be a complicated process. We ask that you send us an email or speak with our office when you have completed the process for the transfer of securities.

Once the transfer instructions have been given, the securities will be electronically delivered to Pawsitive Action’s account and the securities will immediately be sold “at market” and a letter will be sent of the proceeds amount for tax purposes. This process takes about three (3) days after closing.

Pawsitive Action is registered to receive matching employees gifts from Disney, JetBlue, Microsoft and Intek, and we are a registered non-profit for the Osceola County Employee Giveback Campaign.

We would be happy to register Pawsitive Action for matching gifts with your company. To do so, please contact our office by email at pawsitiveaction@gmail.com or by calling (407) 917-4729.

Click | Choose to give to Pawsitive Action Foundation and shop.
Minimum amount matched: $25 and Maximum amount matched $15,000. Matching gift ratio: 1:1
JetBlue Employees can volunteer and donate positive space tickets to Pawsitive Action.

Your help is greatly appreciated.